About Us

Welcome to our platform dedicated to the dissemination of Islamic knowledge and the promotion of spiritual enlightenment. Led by Qari Saleem, son of Hafiz Saghir, we are committed to providing authentic Islamic education rooted in the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

About Auther Qari Saleem

Qari Saleem, son of Hafiz Saghir, is a highly qualified individual dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Islamic knowledge. With a passion for the Quran and its recitation, Qari Saleem has spent years honing his skills and acquiring profound expertise in various fields of Islamic studies.

Auther Qualifications

  • M.phil in Urdu: Qari Saleem has pursued advanced studies in Urdu, allowing him to delve deeper into the linguistic intricacies of Islamic texts and literature.
  • M.A in Education: Armed with a Master’s degree in Education, Qari Saleem possesses the pedagogical skills necessary to effectively impart Islamic knowledge to students of all levels.
  • M.A in Pak Study: His expertise extends to the study of Pakistan’s history, culture, and societal dynamics, providing a comprehensive understanding of the context in which Islam thrives.
  • M.A in Islamiyat & Arabic: Qari Saleem has immersed himself in the study of Islamic theology and Arabic language, enabling him to interpret and elucidate Islamic teachings with precision and clarity.
  • Hafiz Quran & Recitation: As a Hafiz of the Quran, Qari Saleem has committed the entirety of the Quran to memory and mastered the art of its melodious recitation, embodying the epitome of devotion to the holy scripture.

Islamic Education

At our platform, we offer a range of educational resources and services aimed at nurturing a deeper understanding of Islam and fostering spiritual growth. From Quranic studies and Arabic language courses to Islamic jurisprudence and spiritual development seminars, our offerings cater to individuals seeking enlightenment and guidance on their journey towards closeness to Allah.


Our mission is to serve as a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards a deeper connection with the divine. Through the dissemination of authentic Islamic knowledge and the cultivation of piety and righteousness, we aspire to empower individuals to lead lives infused with faith, wisdom, and compassion.

Join us on this transformative journey as we embark on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the timeless wisdom encapsulated within the teachings of Islam.

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